About our authors

Veronika Sophia Robinson

Veronika Sophia Robinson is an author and novelist living in rural Cumbria, in the far north of England. She has two daughters (a composer and a novelist), and is happily married to a man with a gorgeous voice. Every morning she trips over three charming cats on her way to work. From her writing room, she enjoys views over the fields and fells, and often gets sidetracked by the sight of birds and clouds and sunshine.

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Eliza Serena Robinson

Eliza was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and moved to England when she was one. She has grown up in a small village in Cumbria, (but actually grew up in a castle in the clouds!) where she currently lives with her parents, sister, and three charming and persistent cats. She was home educated, and self-taught, until she was 15.

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Starr Meneely

Starr MeneelyThe first 'proper' book I ever read was 'Heidi' by Johanna Spyri. When you start with a book like that it's impossible to stay away from a good story.

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