Starflower in the Garden

Starflower Press draws its name and inspiration from the olden day herb, Borage (Borago Officinalis). It is still found in many places, though is often thought of as a wild flower, rather than a herb. Starflower is recognisable by its beautiful star-like flowers, which are formed by five petals of intense blue (sometimes it is pink). The unusual blue colour was used in Renaissance paintings. The Biblical meaning of this blue, is heavenly grace. Borage, from the Celt borrach, means courage. Throughout history, Starflower has been associated with courage.

Companion planting

They love strawberries and tomatoes, particularly helping to deter tomato worm.

Flower essence

Taken as a flower essence to bring light to the heart and to give strength during difficult life circumstances. Pliny noticed its euphoric effect.

Starflower’s positive qualities: Cheerful heart, happy courage and optimism.

Starflower essence can heal: Heavy-heartedness, lack of confidence in facing difficult circumstances.

Starflower has long been known for its ability to help one see life more positively. It adds not only to one’s physical sense of strength, but to strength of character, too. Starflower acts as a faithful friend through life’s difficult and challenging times. It lifts the spirits.

Starflower is recommended to heal heaviness of the heart, which is often felt throughout the whole body. By instilling courage, Starflower allows our soul to express itself through our heart centre ~ which can then spread out to the other hearts of this world. Starflower essence enables us to let go of the heavy and contractive experiences, and to emerge light-hearted and joyful. What we find with Starflower essence is a lightness of the soul which allows one to rise above life’s circumstances with enthusiasm and joy. It provides encouragement.


Modern women may have come across Starflower oil for helping with PMS and to act agains breast cancer. Starflower oil is the most potent concentrated source of Omega 6 gamma linoleic acid.

In the kitchen

Again, folk tradition assigns Starflower (Borage) to the heart ~ it has long been believed to ease grief, melancholy and sadness. It lifts the heart and raises the spirits.

The ancients used the flowers in salds to make the mind glad. Kitchen chefs said that they comforted the heart, drove away sorry and increased joy in the mind.

The leaves can be used, also, either lightly steamed like spinach, or use din soup. Both the leaves and flowers are nice added to summer drinks.

Starflower is also used to enhance the flavour of wines and vinegars. Traditionally it was used to make candies.
If you grow Starflower in the garden, add a small bunch of leaves to simmering boiling water to make a cup of tea. This is beneficial for alleviating a cold as well as enhancing breast milk production.

Starflower’s nutrients

gamma-linolenic acid (an essential fatty acid)
ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
beta carotene (pro-vitamin A)

thiamine (elements of the B complex)

lactic acid
malic acid
rosmarinic acid


According to herbalist, Culpepper, Starflower was used for putrid and pestilential fever, serpent’s venom, jaundice, consumption, sore throat, and rheumatism. Today’s herbalists consider that Starflower is a diuretic, thereby helping the kidneys. It is also used for sore throats, fevers and pulmonary complaints. It is useful for people who are exhausted and suffering adrenal stress. Modern science has shown Starflower oil to reduce systolic blood pressure and thereby reducing cardiovascular reactivity. It has also been found to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, such as infection and allergy, can be prevented with use of Starflower.

Other uses include as an eye wash, to assist in iron absorption and to release phlegm.

The oil in Starflower is invaluable for treating severe skin conditions as well as symptoms of menstrual dysfunction.

Starflower Tea for breastfeeding mothers

Suitable for vegans and raw fooders, this tea will promote breast milk production. Grown without chemicals or pesticides, away from pollution. Buy starflower (borage) tea here: